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The Foundation's Plan

A Three-Phase Project

Clothes Donation

An Ambitious Project

Making a Difference

The Tenorio Foundation wishes to be a healthcare advocate for the people of the Philippines. Our 3-Phase Plan ambitiously establishes three healthcare facilities in order to gain a foothold to expanding healthcare access and equitable healthcare delivery. Either after or concurrently during these phases, the Foundation hopes to diversify its humanitarian services such as providing scholarships or sponsorships, mission trips, educational seminars or trainings besides healthcare, and much more.



Phase 1

Tacloban City


Phase 1 of the Foundation seeks to establish a clinic in Tacloban City in the region of Leyte. This shall be the first stepping stone of the Foundation to increase access to health care and equitable health care delivery by offering affordable and free medical services.


In this phase, the Foundation will take this time to connect with the community and partner with them to establish a long-term, collaborative relationship to further the Foundation's cause.

Phase 2

Lipa City


Once firmly established in Phase 1, Phase 2 is the expansion of clinic activities in Lipa City, Batangas. Construction of this satellite clinic would increase access and equitable delivery of health care in that region.


Similar to the objective of Phase 1, this phase focuses on healthcare while establishing a long-term relationship with the community to further or for future philanthropic/ humanitarian projects 

Phase 3


(the capital)

The final phase of the Foundation is expansion in the capital of the Philippines, Manila. This healthcare facility will seek to serve this major metropolitan area with the intention to transform into a potential hospital.


Additionally, the Manila facility is intended to become the flagship site once it is fully established and operational. On top of its core functions and creating a long-term relationship with the city, this site will be able to tap into the city's resources relatively quickly since it is operating in the capital.

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