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Our Services

What we provide and what we do with pride.



Health Promotion

Disease Prevention

Resource Connection



Wellness Check-Ups

General/ Family Medicine

The foundation's clinic will be providing affordable and free generalized healthcare services in pursuit of its mission and vision.

Team work


Learn to Read

We provide educational materials for health promotion, disease prevention, and connection to other resources that our clinic does not have readily available. Health promotion and disease prevention materials that we offer are weight management, proper sanitary/ hygienic practices, and other general health practices. The clinic has access to ample connections. If we do not have the necessary materials we can refer to you higher institutions that do.

General Check-Ups

Taking blood pressue

General/ Wellness check-ups are necessary to prevent illnesses from progressing and overall to keep healthy. The foundation's clinic provides general diagnostic tools and general check-ups to make sure people are healthy. The clinic is equipped with the basic necessities to provide general care anywhere from the common cold, fever, and general aches and pains, to providing basic medication for high blood pressure, sugar maintenance, or controlling a fever.

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