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About Us

The Tenorio Foundation was created in September of 2018 under The State of Wisconsin, United States. The nonprofit status (501c3) (EIN: 83-1859695) was awarded by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in September of 2018. 



Our vision is to be a trusted partner and ally to the people of the Philippines. 



Our current mission is to increase healthcare access and provide equitable healthcare delivery to the people of the Philippines. 


We hope to expand our services to also provide auxiliary humanitarian services and opportunities such as: education opportunities (sponsor/ scholarships, seminars, trainings, and programs), mission trips around the Philippines, collaboration with other organizations for wage improvement or job creation, and projects to further improve the infrastructure of the Philippines. 

Core Values

Our vision and mission are accomplished with our three core values:

Empowerment through Education 

The Tenorio Foundation wants to empower the Filipino people. We want to do this by educating the people of the Philippines by providing educational materials, seminars, trainings, and other relevant programs/ modules relevant for better health and overall quality of life. 


Aesthetic but Empathetic 

We hope to not only look the part but also handle the foundation with the utmost finesse. The Tenorio Foundation boasts its aesthetic feel and the way it operates its activities; however, it never ceases its empathy and people-focused paradigm. The Foundation was founded on empathy and inspiration and will continue to carry this out with much gusto. 


Philanthropically Grounded  

Our operations will carefully analyze the cost-to-benefit ratio to maximize the benefits received whilst minimizing costs. The Tenorio Foundation prides itself on having magnanimous philanthropic ideas that are also grounded and ready for action. 

Purpose and Objectives


  1. To conduct affordable and free clinic activities to increase healthcare access and equity to the people of the Philippines and to those seeking medical attention. 

  2. To set up a facility(s) for healthcare delivery, operations, and trainings for continuing education. 



  1. To collaborate with government and non-government organizations (local, national, and international) to achieve the mission and fulfill the vision of the foundation. 

  2. To provide job opportunities such as creating projects within the foundation and to those the foundation collaborates and serves. 

  3. To create scholarships, grants, or other means of assistance to those who are in need but show tenacity toward educational opportunities. 

  4. To accept and receive contributions, such as donations or gifts, from public or private institutions for the purposes, operations, and future projects of the foundation. 

  5. To acquire, purchase, hold, sell, lease, realtor property necessary for the achievement of the mission and vision of the foundation. 

  6. To establish satellite facilities for increased operations throughout the Philippines. 

Soup Kitchen

Board of Directors

Founder/ Chair: Kevin Angelo Refuero Tenorio 
Vice Chair: Joanne Omega Ortiz  
Vice Chair: Ronel Tenorio Panaligan  
Angelito Refuerzo Tenorio 

Aubrey Rodrigo Almeida

Holland Raagas Refuerzo

Foundation Officers

Founder/ Executive Director: Kevin Angelo Refuerzo Tenorio 
Director of Business Administration and Development: Joanne Omega Ortiz  
Information Technology Specialist: Carlo Tenorio Villar 
Director of Clinic Site Operations: Ermelinda Refuerzo 
Treasurer: Angelito Refuerzo Tenorio 
Secretary: Kim Chantal Refuerzo Evardone 
Director of Public Relations: Elena Refuerzo Gisma

Organizational Hierarchy

Board of Directors

- Chair and Vice Chairs 
Foundation Officers 
Employed Positions

Volunteer/ Intern Positions

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